DTS Constructed Travel Comparison Worksheet Authorization US Army Combined Arms Center Army Management Staff College Fort Leavenworth Kansas Name Home of Record Airport and Travel Dates Transportation Expenses for the Standard Mode Commercial Air Commercial Air Costs use www. fedtravel*com or contact your SATO office for govt rates a* What it would cost to travel by commercial air b. Enter the CTO fee Total Expense Cost Factors lines a and b Travel expenses preferred transportation c* Round...
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Hello this is a mu-1 hunter again we'regoing to go over and create in a DTStravel optimization if you authorize todrive your personal vehicle while youare on borders it's a little bitdifferent the way you enter mileage butit's pretty easy so we're going to goahead and get started first thing youwant to grab your in rows orders andlook at the two zip codes alright umobviously I've blacked out these numberspersonal info but you see one zip codehere that's your zip code and does itcall it to where you're going to so makesure you have your orders next to NewOrleans to zip closed because it goingto need them later alright then you wantto scroll down on your orders and lookdown here it will say travel viaprivately all convenience to GulfportMississippi or wherever you're going tois authorized as advantageous to thegovernment so that's giving you theauthorization to drive your vehicleright theremake sure that's on your orders beforeyou are going down put the mild again ifyou have any questions contact your inRose or the specialists or your DTSborrow or a out all right so once that'sdone you want to go to official traveland then click on authorizations onceyour orders are fun to proved in in Roseyou can go in here and edit yourimported authorization you never want toclick here that's reserved for activeduty personnel onlyand so it's this one so never click onthese two links right here alright sowe're trying to edit this trip righthere leaving out on January 23rd sowe're going to go ahead and click Editall right the preview trip screen opensup you really don't need to look at thatit's nothing really important in thereI'm going to click on expenses and thenyou want to click on mileage right onthe new expenses tab okay the firstthing you want to do is look at the dateyou're leaving out which is January 23rd2013 so we're going to change this dateto January 23rd 2013 and we're going tochange this to private auto TDY ta d allright once you choose that you have toclick on this link right here sorry itsays a DoD table of distances that's howthey calculate the mileage in DTSalright once you click on here you wantto grab your orders and put your zipcode here which is 7 7 0 3 4 and thenwe're going to three nine five zero onealright calculate mileage and if youscroll back down it's 399 miles and thenyou hit save total and continue alrightso then once that's done you want toclick this little checkbox right hereyou check that and that's going toreverse the trip dates and put mileagein going back so you know how to do thatagainand they just hit save expenses going toget a pop-up window just hit okay allright now you can see I automaticallyreverse the trip back for the last dayof the trip so that's doneafter that you pretty much just have togo in and verify...